eligibilityMarineAdvisor is no longer accepting new clients. Existing client may continue to receive services through Sept. 14, 2016. Read more…

All clients enrolled as of June 18 may continue to receive coaching until the program discontinues services on Sept. 14, 2016, as long as they remain eligible for the program. See Frequently Asked Questions for further details.

Coaching Services

MarineAdvisor provides you with a personal coach who helps you set and reach goals in areas such as wellness, money management, work/life balance and career development. Our coaches can help you achieve better success with your goals.


Coaching for health-related goals in areas such as sleep, fitness, nutrition and tobacco cessation.

Money Management

Coaching to reach your financial goals such as sticking to a spending or savings plan or managing debt.

Work/Life Balance

Coaching for goals related to managing stress, relationships, communications and time management.

Career Development

Coaching to achieve goals in areas such as transition after EAS, education or personal performance.

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